Orin Nano With NvDRM Overlay

I am trying to use the Nvidia DRM API with the Orin Nano. I am using the sample “08_video_dec_drm” as the basis for my project. When I attempt to call drmModeSetPlane on plane ID 1 (I think the overlay plane), this call returns -EINVAL. Calling drmModeSetPlane on plane ID 0 (I think the primary plane), the call succeeds and the graphics are displayed as expected. In short, calls to plane 0 work as expected, calls to plane 1 fail.
Additional Info:

  • When I call drmModeGetResources(), the number of planes returned is 2
  • If I use the sample 08_video_dec_drm as supplied (unmodified), the overlay also fails (it displays the H264 video on the primary plane, but the overlay fails)
  • I am using Multimedia API R35.3.1
  • I am using kernel 5.10.104-tegra
  • I am using the Orin Nano dev kit


  • How can I get this sample working with the Orin Nano? Could you point me any instructions on how to enable extra DRM planes on the Orin Nano?
  • Can it be run on the Orin Nano? Does it have sufficient DRM planes?

Any help is appreciated.

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